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24.12.2015 03:50, James Mathew Cohrs from St.Catharines Ontario Canada E-mail :
I am a descendant of Fritz Cohrs - the artist (b 1884).
His son Fritz Joachim (b 1920) is my grandfather.
Fritz Joachims son, my father, Joachim (b 1951) married Jacklyn (b 1951) in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada in 1972.
They had Jeffrey Scott (b 1975), Sarah Ann (b 1978) and James Matthew (b 1979).

27.08.2015 15:47, Roberta Parker from United States E-mail Homepage :
I have been Looking for my Gg Grandfather for over 33 years.I have my great grandfather's military record. His name on that record appears to be Wilhelm Georg Heinrich Cohrs. He was born 18th of February either in 1855 or 1856. I cannot translate that record but he was either born in Harburg or his port of sail was from Harburg. He married a woman Named Engel Marie Mueller. I know his brother's name was Joseph Heinrich Christof Cohrs. He was born 22nd of December, 1863. I cannot find Father of these two brothers who would be My great great grandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank u Tobias for making this forum possible.

08.05.2015 12:07, Hans WREDE E-mail :
Hallo Familie Cohrs,
ich kann noch 4 Generationen Wrede schicken , wenn Interesse vorliegt bis ca 1610.

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Entries: 45
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